• Settled a case involving a real estate broker that miscommunicated with her non-English speaking client who failed to purchase fire insurance. Property burned to the ground two weeks after escrow closed.

  • Breach of contract diversity action concerning a licensing agreement for the manufacturing of women's shoes in Italy.

  • Plaintiff accused defendants of selling counterfeit and "infringing" goods from their Chinatown store.

  • Plaintiff claimed that Defendants failed to pay a "success fee" upon Plaintiff finding a qualified buyer for Defendant's business.

  • Plaintiff claimed she was fraudulently induced into purchasing "art at bargain prices" from the defendant who was an international dealer in art. Defendant's position was that these were "arms length" transactions, and plaintiff was an art savvy business woman who knew the risks of this type of market.

  • Plaintiff, an internationally renowned collector of Chinese art, claimed that Defendants used her name and reputation to sell Chinese calligraphy as an original when Defendants knew it was a copy.